Growth Track

Wherever you are in your faith journey, the growth track is designed to help you take one step more in your relationship with Jesus. This 3-step class equips you to discover more about 1) Embark’s vision, how we live it out, and what we want for you, 2) identify and develop your God-given gifts and abilities, and 3) make a difference in the lives of others using your gifts and skills.

Embark Growth Track

Estimated Time: 2 minutes
If you've been visiting Embark for awhile and are now ready to get plugged in and connected on a team, growth track is where you begin. The purpose of growth track is to help you discover more about Embark's mission, your own spiritual gifts, and how you can use those gifts to be a part of Embark's mission here in Orangeburg.
Here's how it works -  Growth Track is broken down into three classes. The first two classes you will gather with others online at a scheduled time. The third class is in-person where you connect with our pastor as well as get plugged in on a team. 

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Step 1:  Start Your Journey

Online Class

Connect and discover more about Embark. In Step 1, you will learn about Embark’s vision, how we live it out, the three things we want for you, and FAQs. Understanding how Embark works helps you begin growing in Jesus.

Estimated time: 31 minutes
Live on Sunday, April 4 @ 5 PM

Step 2:  Discover Your Design

Online Class

God has made you a unique person with unique gifts and skills. Learn more about spiritual gifts and discover what yours are. This video is broken into two parts and includes time to take a spiritual gifts test.

Estimated time: 45 minutes
Live on Sunday, April 11 @ 5 PM

Step 3:  Pursue Your Purpose

In-Person Class

Our pastor wants to connect with you! In Step 3, he will introduce himself to you as well as explain how you can use your gifts and skills on a team at Embark.

Estimated time: 1 hour which includes lunch
Next Class: Sunday, April 18 @ 12:00 PM