Get Involved

Spiritually Grow

We facilitate spiritual growth primarily through grow groups.  Grow groups consist of 3-12 people that meet regularly and do life together.  These groups allow you to learn more about your faith by putting you into contact with content you would not come into contact on your own, as well as connect you with others who want the same thing.  To see our current grow group offering click the button below.

Make a Difference

You have God-given gifts and skills that He wants to use to make a difference, both for Him and in the lives of others.  We want to help you discover, use them and connect with others doing the same.  We facilitate this learning and “plugging in” in “Next Steps,” a 2 week class that is immediately following our worship services.  Click the button below for more information and how to sign up.

Reach Others

When you EXPERIENCE the life changing power of Jesus in your life, you can’t help but want to share what you have experienced.  We facilitate opportunities for you to learn how to share your faith AND serve our community.  For more information and to learn how we do that, click the button below.