Summer Connect Groups

Our faith is not lived out in isolation but with others. Connect groups are designed to do exactly that - connect people. People naturally gather for many different reasons: playing a sport, spending time in the park, having a supper club, or studying the Bible together. We believe these naturally formed, common interest groups are opportunities to help each other grow spiritually. 

FAQS about Connect Groups

What are Connect Groups?
Connect Groups are designed around a common interest or theme. These are meant to be fun and allow people to just connect with one another.

Who can lead a Connect Group?
Just about anyone with an idea and a little direction can lead a connect group. You just need to have a theme or activity and we will help you invite others to join you.

When do Connect Groups happen?
Connect Groups can happen any night of the week. If you want to lead a Connect Group just choose a night that works best for your schedule. If you are signing up to join a Connect Group make sure you choose a night that will allow you not to miss out.
Why are Connect Groups important?
Connecting over the summer is hard with everyone’s busy schedule. We want to create a space that allows people to have some fun and grow together.

How can I join a Connect Group?
See details for each group above.