Vision & Values

Our Vision

Our vision is to help you spiritually grow.  Period.  That’s it.  We believe that wherever you are, you can take one step more.

How do we do that?  By facilitating discipleship.

Facilitate means we create systems, processes and opportunities for people to engage in discipleship.
Discipleship is the process of taking one step more from where you are in your spiritual journey.  It is to embark on the lifelong journey of learning more about God, His way and experiencing the joy of being known by Him.  Like any relationship, the more you hang out with another person, the more you learn about them and your relationship deepens. Discipleship is simply deepening the relationship as we seek to adopt the mindset, behavior and lifestyle of Jesus.

Our Values

Depth.  Spiritual growth, that is, learning about Jesus, what He does and how to be like Him is the heart of what we do. Everything at Embark is centered around this. Because this is a never ending, progressive growth process in which we never arrive, there is always room for more.

Authentic / Genuine. Everyone has issues. If you don’t think you have issues, that's your issue. No one is perfect.  We openly talk about our struggles and resist what we call, “putting on the mask,” that is, pretending everything is ok. “The mask" perpetuates going just through the motions, hinders real life change and is characteristic of a dead religious institution, not a life-giving church.

Community. Relationships are the most important aspect of spiritual growth and continued depth. Without them, it is unachievable.  This is why grow groups, making a difference and worship are such interrelated “musts.” As Embark numerically grows and it becomes impossible to know everyone, we foster community by pushing people more and more into small groups where relationships begin and are strengthened.

Serving. Making a difference using our gifts and skills, in conjunction with others, helps change the lives of others. It facilitates individual ownership of what we are doing and forms us into one.

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