our values and beliefs

Our Values


Learning about Jesus, what He does, and how to be more like Him are the heart of what we do. Everything at Embark is centered around this. Because this is a never ending, progressive growth process in which we never arrive, there is always room to grow even deeper in our faith.


Everyone has issues and no one is perfect.  We openly talk about our struggles and resist what we call, “putting on the mask" and pretending everything is okay. “The mask" perpetuates going through the motions, hinders real life change, and is characteristic of a dead religious institution, not a life-giving church. We aim to be a church that welcomes differences, struggles, and questions and represents what it means to live out your faith authentically.


Making a difference using our gifts and skills, in conjunction with others, helps change the lives of others. It facilitates individual ownership of what we are doing and forms us into one.


Relationships are the most important aspect of spiritual growth and continued depth. Without them, it is unachievable.  This is why grow groups, outreach, and worship are such interrelated “musts.” As Embark continues to grow, we foster community by pushing people more and more into small groups where relationships begin and are strengthened.

Our Beliefs


One God who simultaneously lives and works in the three different persons of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.


The Father created, established, ordered, and continues to work in the world.

Sin & Creation

God created the world and deemed it good. Through man’s willful disobedience, sin corrupted and utterly defaced the image of God in us, infecting all of humanity and creation.


God the Father showed unfathomable love for us by entering the world in Jesus Christ who, being equal with God, was both fully human and fully divine.

Holy Spirit

God broke into our sinful lives in the person of the Holy Spirit who is fully God, equal with the Father and Son.


We are granted eternal life in Christ alone, by grace alone and through faith alone.


Written by humans and inspired by the Holy Spirit, Scripture is true and never fails. It is the believers’ rule and authority for life, guiding us in faithful living when culture condones thoughts, practices, and ways of living that seek to degrade and destroy humanity.


When followers of Christ receive faith, they are tied together to other believers through the Holy Spirit and constitute His body on earth. Through the collective interworking of individual gifts, the church furthers the mission and kingdom of God.


Baptism and the Lord’s Supper, both instituted by Jesus Christ, are celebrated in God’s church as outward signs of an inward, invisible grace.

Male Leadership

In keeping with the consistent pattern of male leadership among God’s people throughout the Scriptures, the roles of a church’s senior pastors and elders are to be fulfilled by men.

Christian Living

At salvation, the believer is justified with God, is adopted into God’s family, and the process of sanctification begins. Upon trusting Jesus as God and Savior, the believer’s life begins to change as God works in him and as he continues to submit to Him. The Christian life is marked by obedience to the Lord and a desire to live life the way the Bible says.


We believe the Bible says there are only two genders, male and female, as God biologically made them. God specifically designed the complementary roles of the man and the woman. Gender is part of God’s sovereign will for each person, “For you created my inmost being; you knit me together in my mother’s womb.”


We believe the Bible teaches that the marriage covenant is reserved only for one man with one woman.


We believe the Bible teaches the only legitimate and acceptable sexual relationship is the marital relationship between one man and one woman.