Important information

This page provides key information regarding what we are doing while in social isolation.
It was updated as of May 25, 2020.
Next week, we will be publishing guidance on how we are going to responsibly and safely resume physical gatherings.

Upcoming Dates:
June 7 - Tentative service at the YMCA
July 21 - Building Dedication at 3600 Columbia Road
July 26 - Soft Launch at 3600 Columbia Road
August 23 - Grand Opening at 3600 Columbia Road

Weekly calendar of events (May 25-31) 

Click on any of these events to go to the links where the event will be streamed. 
Monday, May 25
7:30 PM - Hebrews FB Live Teaching with John Weddington

Tuesday, May 26

Wednesday, May 27
5:30 PM - All Students Zoom Meeting

Thursday, May 28
7:30 PM - Women's Ministry FB Live

Our focus while in social isolation:  facilitating discipleship and facilitating connection

How we are facilitating discipleship
  1.  GROW GROUPS.  Grow groups are groups of 3-12 people that meet regularly to spiritually grow.  Our grow group leaders are using technology (such as Zoom, Citrix or any other app) and conducting their groups online.  We are exploring adding more grow groups.    
  2.  ONLINE CLASSROOM TEACHINGS This week we will be standing up classes that offer 1-way, teacher to student interaction.  You can see our offerings, times and how you can connect with these teachings at our online campus at embark-church.org/online campus.
How we are facilitating connection / interaction between us
  1.  DAILY WORD THOUGHTS.  Each day, someone from Embark will share on social media and email a 2-3 minute video of how Scripture impacted them.  If you are interested in doing one, contact Beverly Thomas at beverlythomas@embark-church.org or 803-813-0010.
  2.  POSTING PICTURES.  When we have online worship, take pictures of your time together and post on Embark's Facebook page. This helps us connect with one another while in isolation.  
  3.  “FIRESIDE CHATS.”  Each week different people will conduct a faceboook live session where people are discussing  how they are doing life in the midst of COVID.  For example, Jud and Cathy will be online to talk through a topic and just hang out with people.  
  4.  VARIOUS OTHER ACTIVITIES.  Many of you have great ideas of how we can interact with each other and foster connection in the midst of separation.  We want to help you get the word out and recruit others to help you!  

Important information you need to know

  • Service Times are 9:30 and 11:00.  Please note, these services had to be pre-recorded in order to comply with the Governor's executive order of no more than 3 gathering at a time. 
  • Sunday, May 31 - Chris Ellison will be speaking this Sunday. Stay tuned to find out what our response will be this week. 

  • Important info will be sent to you via text, email, and app notification.  You can sign up for these on the app.  If you have not downloaded our app you can do so in any app store.  
  • All important info will be on this webpage.  We will send out a weekly email with a link to this  webpage with updated weekly activities.