Worship Team

The Worship Team facilitates an encounter with the living God.  There are 2 teams in which to serve.

Band / Worship Team

Through music,the worship team seeks to bring people into the presence of God.  They consist of a sound board person, drummer, bassist, keyboardist, electric guitarist and male / female singers.  Because we seek to worship with excellence as well as in Spirit and truth, attending Next Steps and an audition is required.

Audio Visual

The audio visual team takes care of all the AV needs for the worship service.  They setup and run the audio visual equipment, record the messages and address any AV needs.  They start at 8:45 and take approximately 30 minutes to setup.  There are 3 AV teams that rotate from week to week.

If you are interested in becoming a part of the Worship Team, please enter the following information: