Welcome to Embark Church!  You are important to God and to us!

This is what we DO.

If you are reading this, you’re most likely exploring our website to get a “feel” for our church.  To help you with that, let us begin with our mission.  Our mission is to help people spiritually grow.  Everything at Embark revolves around that.  It is our heartbeat.  Helping people spiritually grow means we only focus on four things: helping others find God, spiritually “feeding” people, teaching them how to “feed” themselves and showing how to “feed” others.  Each of these four areas have specific actions designed to accomplish their individual and the overall mission.

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To get a feel for WHO WE ARE, there are three primary values that drive our culture.  They are:


Growth driven

Everything we do is devoted to helping someone spiritually grow deeper with Jesus Christ.  Whether you are exploring your faith, new to the faith or mature in your faith, there is always a “next level.” You will hear this in the preaching, small groups, on your team, everywhere.  Our desire is simply for someone to be “in-process” and embark on that never-ending journey.

Connection oriented

Connecting with others is one of the greatest longings of humanity and critical to real spiritiual growth.  It is the reason we emphasize doing life together through groups, service teams, spiritual mentoring and more.  In facilitating this however, we recognize building relationships must happen naturally.  As a result, we also emphasize the two core relationship values: trust and respect. Although this takes time, when it happens, church happens.  It is one of the reasons we claim the “church is not a building, just people.”

Genuine focused

The grace of Jesus Christ changes everything!  It is the key to attracting those who are searching for “Jesus,” experiencing His freedom and enjoying Him in your life.  Having a culture of grace means we acknowledge none of us have it all together.  We all come with a past and a present.  At Embark, you will experience people that are ok with being broken and don’t judge others that are.  It is the reason another one of our mantra’s is “no perfect people allowed.”

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