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Jesus practiced and ordered His life around several spiritual “habits” that made the Father the very center of His life. Some of those practices were the rule of life, prayer, study, silence / solitude, work and the Sabbath. As Christians, we are called to do the same.

Below are quick, 2 min videos designed to give a brief explanation of the spiritual practice (also known as a spiritual discipline) to help you develop your own spiritual life.

A Model for Spiritual Growth

When developing a deeper spiritual life with Jesus, understanding this image is crucial.
Length: 1:56

Spiritual Disciplines

Understanding what a spiritual discipline is as well as key ones to implement in our lives is critical to experiencing Jesus.
Length: 1:55

The Rule of Life

The rule of life is an intentionally developed plan of how and when you are going to integrate the spiritual disciplines in your life.
Length: 2:05
To hear the full sermon on the rule of life, click here: The Rule of Life


How we approach prayer matters.
Length: 2:09
To hear the full sermon on prayer, click here: Prayer
To watch a video on a prayer technique designed to implement this approach, click here: Prayer Technique


Study is applying and engaging God’s word in our lives.
Length: 3:29
To hear the full sermon on study, click here: Study
To find a recommended study Bible or other study materials, click here: Recommended Bible study materials.

Silence & Solitude

Silence & solitude are disciplines describing how we intentionally quiet ourselves and set aside time for God.
Length: 2:16
To hear the full sermon on silence and solitude, click here: Silence & Solitude


Understanding how work can be a spiritual discipline will transform your life.
Length: 1:15
To hear the full sermon on silence and solitude, click here: Work


The Sabbath is often the least understand yet most soul-refreshing spiritual discipline God has given us.
Length: 1:06
To hear the full sermon on the Sabbath, click here: Sabbath