Miserable People Don’t Do This

There are many people that are “Christian,” yet are tortured by bitterness, jealousy of others, living by comparison, worried about what others think and continually strive to manage their image. In the end it exhausts, drains and destroys. Almost always, this spiritual element is missing. We also recommend listening to Stephen Broome’s “Choosing Gladness” during difficult times […]

Take Action Sunday

We have had so many great ideas submitted for our new Outreach program. This upcoming Sunday is “Take Action Sunday,” where we will announce the outreach ministries that the people in our church are so passionate about, and everyone will have the opportunity to sign up and be a part of these MIA groups. Join us this Sunday […]

I want to do something for Jesus…

…BUT JUST DON’T KNOW WHAT This past Sunday, July 17, we launched a month long focus on outreach titled MIA. MIA stands for either “Mission in Action” or “Missing in Action” and as it pertains to outreach, all believers are MIA. When we respond to the faith Christ gave us, Jesus “calls” us into ministry. As a result, how MIA […]

Behind the Scenes Update

  There is a lot happening “behind the scenes” at Embark, all of which are designed to strengthen the foundation of our church. Here are some important updates: Laying a stronger foundation through relocation. Relocating Embark will take money, most of which will be raised through a capital campaign (for an explanation of what a capital […]

Relocation Process

Information About Our Relocation Process? Two weeks ago we had a series of information meetings and talked about relocating from our temporary location into a space of our own. As I stated then, this relocation will take time and money as well as beginning a “capital campaign.” Below is an update to keep you informed. […]