Sunday Setup

Each week, these teams work in concert to prepare the YMCA for worship.  Not only do they serve God but this is a great way to connect with others!  These teams are “on duty” once every 3 weeks.  Breakfast provided!   The teams are:

SERVE(STATIC)Setup / Tear down

This team meets at 8:30am.  They move the equipment from a 40′ container located in the back of the YMCA and set it up.  This takes approximately 1 hour and 15 minutes.  At the conclusion of the service, they tear it down and put it back in the container.  This takes approximately 45 minutes.


The hospitality team sets up the lobby area.  This includes making the coffee, setting up the visitors tent and arranging the physical arrangement to receive visitors.  They meet at 8:30 and it takes approximately 45 minutes to setup.


The greeters, denoted by their red shirts, greet visitors and Embark people as they enter.  Their job is to make sure everyone feels welcome, valued and know their way around.  They meet at 9:45
and greet before and after the service.


The security team consists of 1 extra person who “patrols” the lobby, kids area, parking lot and bathrooms as an extra level of protection.

Children’s Check-In

The children’s check-in team consists of 2 people who assist people checking in their children.  This team is critical to ensuring our children are in a safe environment.  They meet at 9:45am and check-in / out kids before and after the service.


The communion team prepares all elements for celebrating communion in the worship service.  This includes preparing and arranging the table, selecting servers, cutting bread and filling cups prior to the service.  The team meets once a month and it takes approximately 45 minutes to prepare.

Exterior Sign Team

The sign team consists of a 2 person team.  They put up and take down all the exterior signs and flags at the front of the YMCA.  They meet at 9:00 and take approximately 30 minutes to setup and teardown.

To serve on one of the above teams, sign up here: