This is why you have no peace

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Despite outward appearances many people, particularly Christians, are hijacked by practicing something that is particularly devastating. It robs us of peace and joy.  When this practice is self-managed rather than Jesus-managed, the result is a life that is completely consumed, stressed and usually operating with a low-grade “on-edge.”  Underneath the well-manicured false mask is a feeling of unworthiness and a FEAR that others will see the insecurity, loneliness and really discover what we believe about ourselves – that we are not enough.  As a result, obsession over furthering this practice to “hide” leads to stress, self-inflicted pain, restlessness, victim mentality and in more extreme cases, physical ailment.

Perhaps…this is the real reason social media has such an addictive effect.

Perhaps…this is the real reason the “fear of missing out” psychological diagnosis is a thing.

Perhaps…this is real reason people live out their “lives” online.  

And despite telling ourselves this is God-managed and under control, if we are really quiet and take a self-reflective look at ourselves, I bet we are embarrassed to admit that in reality, we trust ourselves with this more than God.

There really is only one answer…