How to start surrendering to God


Surrender Embark Church Jud Jordan Orangeburg, SC

If you have ever attended church on any prolonged, sustained basis, you have inevitably at some point heard about “surrender.”  Surrender, within a biblical context, communicates the necessity of seeking, following and implementing God’s will, desires and glory over our own.  If we are honest however, seeking God’s will over our own is incredibly difficult.  There is not one Christian believer alive who can, with any degree of integrity, claim they seek His will over their own.  Sin, which is the pursuit of self over God, is in all of us.  Whether we recognize sin’s existence or not, it makes complete God surrender nearly impossible.


It is critical in experiencing the freedom, peace and joy that only Jesus Christ can bring.  So the question is, how can we start doing this?  How can we begin the process of looking less to ourselves and more to God?  Is this even possible?  The answer is yes.  It begins by changing our worldview: from a self-worldview to a God worldview.  Beginning that process starts with asking one question.  It is both a question addressed to God although it is one to ask ourselves as well.  Be warned however!  Although it is one that is easy to ask, it is one that is often hard to do.


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