Embark Church is growing and has several key ministry opportunities!  Serving in one of these positions is an opportunity to help grow and further Embark’s ministry to the congregation as well as the community.  Please prayerfully consider if this is right for you.

Volunteer Positions

Photographer – Takes photos for special events as well as for specific marketing purposes.

Video Editor – Creates and edits videos for special events as well as marketing purposes.

Musicians – Attends a mid-week rehearsal as well as a brief rehearsal on Sunday mornings before the worship service.

AV / Lyrics – Ensures the congregation can worship on Sunday morning through Audio visual and lyrics “flipping.”

Setup / Teardown – Help setup for the Sunday morning worship service.

If you would like more information or are interested in applying for any of these positions, please email us at or call 803-813-0010 ext 5.

Serving connects you with others, the church and God.

One of the mantra’s you will hear around Embark is that the church is “not a building.  It’s just people.”  This is true.  Attending a Sunday morning service in a particular building is not church.  Instead, Church consists of people intertwined, connected and dependent on each other in such a way that they become a “people.”  This community of people establishes their own unique culture, value system and love for one another.  Only when this is understood can church really be what it is supposed to be – a verb that we do and be, not a noun associated with simple attendance.  Serving begins the process of being knit into this “people.”


Serving gives life.

God has provided you with a set of gifts and skills that are unique to you.  Using them for His purpose and glory brings a level of connection, freedom and purpose.  At Embark, we help YOU discover your unique gifts and skills in Next Steps and “plug you in” to a service area.  When your gifts and skills are employed in a meaningful way, serving is life-giving rather than life-draining.  It provides you energy and you become, NOT PART of the church, but THE CHURCH.


Serving keeps Embark in action.

Not only does serving provide life, it is critical for furthering Embark.  YOU and YOUR SERVICE keep Embark going.  We are a “church plant” or startup church.  This means we are smaller, more flexible and constantly changing.  It means we don’t have the staff we need.  It means Embark needs YOU.  Currently we setup and meet in the Orangeburg YMCA every Sunday morning.  It takes one team of over 25 people to setup curtains, setup chairs, prepare for visitors, run the children’s ministry, brew the coffee and sing songs.  Using a rotation of 4 teams, we meet and transform the YMCA every Sunday morning.  You serving makes Embark happen.



Embark Church Welcomes You to serve your community! If you live in Bamberg, Bowman, Branchville, Cameron, Cope, Cordova, North, Orangeburg, Saint Matthews, Swansea, Rowesville and Swansea we invite you to come and join us!