We are in the process of moving from our temporary location in the YMCA to a more permanent location of our own!

Building fund update as of June 24, 2018:

If you haven’t turned in your pledge, please do so and prayerfully consider establishing a recurring contribution to the building fund. You can do so by visiting the building fund page or clicking the button below.

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What are we looking for in a building?

Embark cannot just move anywhere. Moving from our temporary location at the YMCA to a more permanent location will bring a sense of Embark permanence to the community as well as establish our brand. It is important we present a professional, established image to the community if we are going to witness Jesus and meet our mission of helping people spiritually grow. A “viable location” includes these factors:

  • Our location must be highly visible and easily accessible.
  • 10,000-12,000 square feet to accommodate our growth, build a 400 seat auditorium, provide children’s ministry space, fellowship space, and more.
  • A church will never outgrow its parking lot or bathroom space.
  • Purchasing, developing and building on land is cost prohibitive. As a result we are looking at existing buildings, most likely establishing a long-term lease that fits in our budget.
  • The building must be able to support interior and exterior renovation.

How will the money in the building fund be used for relocation?

The money will come from 2 sources – internal (from the congregation) and external (from outside the congregation). As the money comes in, we will be applying it to various costs such as:

  • Fees – lawyers, real estate, and other unknown costs
  • Initial leasing
  • Architecture plans
  • Interior and exterior renovations
  • Utilities, office expenses and others
  • Other unknown costs

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