Relocating Embark

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On Sunday, September 18 we enter into a major milestone moment of Embark.  We begin talking about relocating His church.


Outside of planting, relocating Embark Church is our next milestone.  Already we have witnessed Him establish us in Orangeburg, provide us with amazing growth and meet all of our needs!  Now, God moves us into the next phase of our church that will help us spiritually grow people in an even greater way.  This will be an incredible time of walking in faith and watching Him act!  As a result of this, we are asking you to do 2 things:

1.  Commit to attending church, every Sunday from September 18 – October 30.  Why?  Watch the video.

2.  Sign up for a small group.  Watch the video – ESPECIALLY to the END.  Then click here:  

Small Group Sign-Up

Here is what’s happening at Church September 18-October 30

On September 18 we will launch our capital campaign to begin raising the money necessary for relocating.  As you will see when you attend, this relocation will allow us to lay an even stronger foundation for spiritually growing people.  Here is what happening:

relocating laying a stronger foundation

September 18 – Capital Campaign begins.  We will hand you a capital campaign brochure and your small group booklet to you.  The booklet is to take notes during our series and for use in your small group.

September 25 – We are giving you a 28-day individual devotional guide.  We have one for both adults and children.

October 2 – We will hand you the love of Jesus.

October 9 – We are distributing commitment cards and wristbands.

October 16 – We are talking about and will hand you a card with creative ways to give.

October 23 – Commitment Sunday.  We are asking people for a financial pledge.

October 30 – Miracle offering.  To be explained later.