The next 3 Sundays: CRITICAL

 Why the next 3 Sunday’s are critical

The next 3 Sunday’s are CRITICAL to relocating Embark and I ask that you make every effort to attend.  This Sunday, October 16, we begin talking about the financial commitment necessary for us to move.  We will not be able to move forward in securing a new location without money in the bank allocated for this purpose.  Without money, we are only able to do what we are doing now – research locations, creating a prioritized list of possibilities and prayer.  Because God has called us together as a body, awakened many of us spiritually, deepened several of us faithfully, knit us into a family and has strengthened us by sending committed, Jesus-followers, together God can provide the necessary financing needed to move HIS church through us.

What’s happening the next 3 Sundays

October 16:  Sermon: Obeying God’s Call.  Investment Cards distributed.  Investment cards provide an opportunity to financially pledge support to relocating Embark.  Please discuss with your family your financial commitment as well as pray what God is calling you to do.

October 23:  Sermon: Preparing for a miracle.  After Church Q&A relocating meeting.  The purpose of this meeting is to hear the plans and particulars of the re-launching, re-locating and re-introducing Embark into the community as well as answer any of your questions.

October 30:  Sermon: Leaving a legacy.  Commitment Sunday.  After praying over your financial commitment, we will turn in our investment cards.  This pledged amount will allow us to financially  project moving and begin the process of  securing another location.

Why it is critical to relocate

As you know, moving from our temporary location to a more permanent facility will:

  • bring a sense of permanence to our community
  • allow us to improve our worship environment and experience
  • ensure a clean, safe children’s environment
  • provide consolidated gathering and meeting space
  • promote spiritual growth

All of these will allow us to better spiritually impact the lives of the people in this community.  However, this CANNOT occur without YOU.