Embark participated in their 2nd official Super Serve Saturday on February 18th and February 25th. On February 18th, the Teachers, Students, and Athletes school group along with a couple of other volunteers met at Edisto Elementary. At EES, Embark helped the school make flower beds for the students. On February 25th, Community, Elderly, and our new Law Enforcement group sprung into serving action. Along with other members from Embark, each group helped an area of the Orangeburg community. The Community Group along with DAZZ handed out lemonade and baby supplies in a local park. Embark’s Elderly Group met with several local shut-ins and offered them a meal as well as companionship. Finally, Law Enforcement of Orangeburg MIA group, or LEO, served the local Public Safety Officers by feeding them lunch. Embark’s members helped multiple groups in Orangeburg as well as serve individual people. “Truly I say to you, as you did it to one of the least of these my brothers, you did it to me.” -Matthew 25:40

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  • outreach
    Preparing meals for the Edisto Cougars Football Team – Summer 2016.


How We Do Outreach

Embark’s Outreach is passion driven.  Passion refers to being ruled by intense emotion or a strong feeling.  This feeling drives, motivates, encourages and leads us into action.  The more passionate a person is about something, the more likely they will take ownership and encourage others to do the same.  At Embark Church, we believe a church of passion-driven Jesus followers WILL change the world and the community they live in.  So, we created outreach groups that are organized around the different passions of our people.

Our Outreach Values


Values guide us.  They guide our decisions, our action and help us prioritize.  Here are our guiding values:

  • LOCAL.  We believe the church should see its own community as its mission field.  As a result, our groups serve our local community.
  • SUSTAINABLE.  Doing a service project for someone or an organization is good.  However, when we serve someone, a group of people or an organization on a routine, sustained basis, relationships are built.  Over time, trust and respect are built, providing an opportunity to demonstrate the love of Jesus and thereby, reach the community.
  • PEOPLE.  Jesus’s mission was focused on people.  So are we.  Every outreach group must serve a people.
  • DISCIPLESHIP.  Ultimately our outreach must lead people into a relationship with Jesus and learning more about encountering Him.  Action, without somehow leading people into a discipling relationship with Jesus, is just community action that any civic organization can do.


Join an outreach group today!  Simply explore our current groups below.


If you are interested in STARTING an Outreach Group, click here to submit your idea. 


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Current Outreach Groups

Explore an outreach group and SIGN UP!

Elderly Care
Friendship is ageless! Orangeburg County has hundreds of elderly citizens that are shut in their home, lonely, unable to enjoy a church service, and because of age are unable to tend to their homes. If this tugs at your heartstrings this ministry may be for you. If you are interested in this ministry, please visit the Elderly Care Ministry Page.

As you drive around Orangeburg there are some neighborhoods that will stick out in your mind. These are the areas where the housing is on its last leg, the children are without stable homes, the families are broken and the income is low. What do they need? JESUS! If you are interested in helping Embark adopt these neighborhoods by offering mobile vacation Bible schools, picnics, clean up crews, Bible studies, etc., please visit the Neighborhood Outreach page in order to sign up or check out some of the upcoming and past outreach events.

The school is a place we send our children to every day, but it is a place that needs a little love from the church, before the church is no longer welcome. Teachers need to know God’s love for them in order to share it with the children. Students need to be shown God’s love in order to become the greatest generation. There are young athletes wanting to succeed but need a little encouragement. If you are interested in helping Embark reach our local schools, please visit the Teachers, Students, & Athletes Outreach page in order to sign up or check out some of the upcoming and past outreach events.

Community particpation is a top priority for Embark Church!

Embark Church outreach programs in Orangeburg, SC – Brookdale, SC – Pine View, SC Edisto, SC –& Cordova, SC please join us at Embark Church for fun, faith and fellowship

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