Our Process

Don’t waste your time just going through the motions, either in life or with a church.

Church is NOT:

Just attending on Sunday morning

Keeping the mask on

Going through the motions

Playing politics

Being bored

Surface-level community

Not getting the help you need

We focus on three things that help people discover:












Sunday morning worship is where we get the opportunity to praise God and acknowledge how He is working in your lives. But it is also where relationships and connections are made, unifying us together as one as we fellowship with one another and serve alongside each other. It is where community, and being a part of something greater than ourselves is most felt.

Make a Difference

We believe that deep down, everyone wants to make an impact on the world around them. We can help you discover your particular gifts and skills that can be used to make a difference in the lives of your friends, family, and beyond. We do this by connecting you with a serve team, where you have the opportunity to build relationships with others while working together to make a difference in the lives of others, our church, and our community. Signing up for our two-week Next Steps class is your first step.

Grow Groups

Grow groups are groups of 3-12 people that meet anywhere from 8-14 weeks to study a particular topic or book of the Bible. It’s in these groups that spiritual growth and life change happens through relationships, teaching, and discussion that you unable to experience on your own. It is also out of these groups that people have the opportunity to grow even deeper through 1-on-1 discipleship relationships and “doing life together.” 
By integrating these three things with each other and into our lives, we are able to grow deeper with Jesus through teaching you won’t come into contact on your own and relationships where you can safely discuss faith with new friends. This is where spiritual growth happens.

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