Ministry Partners

Embark does not have members.  We have Ministry Partners.


We are not members

Being a ministry partner is different from being a “church member.”  In our contemporary, American culture, “church membership” all to often is defined as being simply affiliated with a church, just like with a community service organization.  No expectations are established and met, attendance is sporadic and most are not involved in the lives of others.  In short, there is little more than a surface level connection marked by shallow relationships and nominal spiritual growth.

ministry partner

We are Ministry Partners

Ministry Partner’s are recognized by three things:

  • COMMITTED to their own spiritual growth, to the spiritual growth of others, to the mission and ministry of Embark Church as well as to the work that it entails.  They can be “counted on” when needed.  We, unashamedly, believe that if someone desires to be a ministry partner of Embark they are committed.
  • CONNECTED to the church.  We recognize that church is not a building, it is people.  Those desiring to be ministry partners connect and participate in grow groups where real learning occurs, they hold others and others hold them for spiritual accountability and direction, they see themselves as “called” to be a part of Embark and recognize they are woven together with others and have become a “people.”
  • CONVICTED about their desire to grow closer to Jesus Christ, one another and His church.  They are self-motivated to pursue Jesus’s mindset, behavior and lifestyle.  Jesus is not an afterthought to a busy day, He is pursued as the very CENTER of our day.

If this seems invasive, we understand.  Intentionality and expectations are actually marks of the early church as it was born and moved out of the first century.  These are the marks of a church that really WANTS to be CHURCH.  We recognize the may not be for all and it is the reason we have a process for becoming a ministry partner.


The Ministry Partner Process

1.  Attend Next Steps.  The ministry partner process begins with Next Steps, our introductory 4-week class that discusses who we are, what we do and where we are going.  It is here that we explain our spiritual growth process, how to “plug-in” into service and what we want for you.
2.  Attend a Gospel class.  The Gospel class is a 4 week class that explains the gospel, the good news of what God the Father has done for you through Jesus and sustains in you by the Holy Spirit.  We require this because we want to give every man, woman and child the opportunity to hear the good news of Jesus Christ, even if you have heard it before.  In addition, we have found that if you have attended any church before, you have probably heard the word “gospel” but don’t really know what it means and the power it can bring.  The Gospel class is usually taught as a part of our Spiritual Life course.
3.  Serve.  Because the church is not a building but people, that means that YOU are the church.  However, there are functions and operations the church must do in order to help people spiritually grow.  Serving, in some capacity, using your gifts and skills, makes you the church.
4.  Having a short discussion with one of the elders.  Ministry Partnership is reserved for professing believers of Jesus.  Our prayer is that steps 1-3 will help you along this journey.  This discussion is not about “examining” your faith.  It is simply a short discussion that allows you to talk about your faith, answer any questions you may have and offer any resources that may help you continue to grow.
This process takes time.  It takes at least a semester.  Although it may take a while, we have discovered that by the time someone desires to be recognized as a Ministry Parter, they are already learning, connecting and serving.  They are already “known.”  When they do finally become a partner, everyone usually just assumes they already were…

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ministry partners

Embark Church Welcomes You to become a ministry partner! If you live in Bamberg, Bowman, Branchville, Cameron, Cope, Cordova, North, Orangeburg, Saint Matthews, Swansea, Rowesville and Swansea we invite you to come and join us!