Ministry Partners

Embark does not have members.  We have Ministry Partners.

What is a ministry partner?

Ministry Partners do life together.  They form meaningful relationships, spiritually sharpen one another and partner with others in “ministry.”  They do not simply attend a Sunday morning worship service.  They are spiritually growing closer to Jesus. They become part of a community.  They are known by others and others know them. They are involved in the life and work of Embark.  They become the Church.

Our Ministry Partner process is designed to help you connect with others, spiritually grow, become involved and ultimately discern if you want to “partner” with us.  This process takes time and is intentionally designed so.  We believe that when someone gets recognized as a Ministry Partner, you already know others and others know you.

Our Ministry Partner Process

  1. Complete NS
  2. Join a team
  3. Join a group
  4. Complete MP classes

We would love for you to explore embarking on your spiritual journey with us! 

Ministry Partner Form

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ministry partners
ministry partners

Embark Church Welcomes You to become a ministry partner! If you live in Bamberg, Bowman, Branchville, Cameron, Cope, Cordova, North, Orangeburg, Saint Matthews, Swansea, Rowesville and Swansea we invite you to come and join us!