Join a Group

Connecting with others is one of the greatest longings of humanity, what many are interested in when visiting a church, and it is essential to your spiritual growth.  Groups are how we faciliate relationship building.  They consist of 3-12 people that regularly meet, learn together, and develop friendships.  Embark has 2 types of groups:  Connect Groups and Grow Groups.

Check out our grow and connect groups and find one that’s perfect for you!

Grow Groups are small groups of usually 6-12 people that meet on a sustained basis to encounter Jesus, encourage one another and educate themselves about the things of faith. They are so important that they are the central element at Embark Church for spiritual growth. Everything revolves around them. Click the image to view our grow groups.


Our faith is not lived out in isolation but with others. Connect groups are designed to do exactly that – connect people. People naturally gather in groups for many different reasons: playing a sport, spending time in the park, having a supper club, or studying the Bible together. We believe these naturally formed, common interest groups are opportunities to help each other grow spiritually. Click the image to view our connect groups.