Receive a Gift

Why a gift?

gift Embark Church Orangeburg, SCYou are important – to God and to us.  One of the ways we demonstrate this is with the giving of a gift.  It is our way of communicating your value.  You see, God gave us the greatest gift of all – His son Jesus.  Because we were born with something in us called sin, that is the pursuit of self over God, we are deserving of being separated from God.  God the Father however, out of His immense love for YOU, did not want this.  So He came to the earth in the form of Jesus on Christmas morning.  Form there Jesus taught us about God but most importantly, because sin separates us from God and the only way to get rid of it is through death, Jesus died.  He died on a cross, one of the public execution forums of the Roman empire.  For those who respond to the faith God has given us, somehow, beyond our understanding or reasoning, your sin was taken from You and put on Him.  Jesus’s righteousness, our good standing before God the Father, was put on you.  He did this without us asking or proving ourselves worthy of it.  It’s called GRACE!

We give you a gift as a way of showing God’s grace and your importance to Him!


How to receive it?

It begins by filling out one of our “connection cards” on Sunday Morning at worship

1st Visit
At the end of service, take your card to our VIP tent and hand it to one of our yellow shirted “VIP people.”  We will send you a “2nd Visit” email with an e-ticket attached later that week.

2nd Visit
Show the “2nd Visit” email or ticket via your smartphone or printed copy on your second visit and we have another small token of appreciation for you! Later that week you will receive a “3rd Visit” email with an e-ticket.

3rd Visit
Show the “3rd Visit” email or e-ticket to the VIP tent and receive a very special gift from us!

free gift

Visit us at on Sunday morning and experience the grace of Jesus Christ!

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