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This past Sunday, July 17, we launched a month long focus on outreach titled MIA. MIA stands for either “Mission in Action” or “Missing in Action” and as it pertains to outreach, all believers are MIA. When we respond to the faith Christ gave us, Jesus “calls” us into ministry. As a result, how MIA is defined is up to you. If you are unfamiliar with MIA, how to implement your passion-driven outreach idea, how Embark will help resource it or how Embark will do outreach in the future, please visit www.embark-church.org/outreachand listen to the first sermon at http://media.embark-church.org/sermons/mia-part-1.

“I want to do something for Jesus, I just don’t know what.”

Assuming you understand MIA, there may be hindrance between outreach desire and action. We have found this gap usually exists as a result of people not knowing what they want to do. Have you ever asked yourself, “I want to do something for Jesus but I just don’t know what?” If the answer is yes, I suggest one or all of the below ways to help.

The answer

  1. Attend one of our Sunday evening small group discussions. This is the best way to answer the above question. Every Sunday night from July 17-August 7, we are hosting an “idea generation” discussion. The group has an open discussion focusing on “who do I want to impact with Jesus?” and “how do I want to impact this community for Jesus?” We found that talking about and overhearing what other people are passionate about helps generate ideas for you. In fact, last Sunday 3 people saw how they can start their own outreach ministry.
  2. Review our “outreach ministry idea generation” helps on embark-church.org/outreachidea or in the lobby of church on Sunday morning.
  3. PRAY ABOUT IT. Ask God to reveal to you what He wants you to do. Usually this is centered around something that you are passionate about. Talk it over with Stacy Davis, our outreach coordinator.
  4. Attend all four sermons. If you can’t attend, listen to them online. The sermons build on one another. As they do, ideas will emerge.
  5. Email outreach@embark-church.org with your idea and ask any question about it. We will respond and if we can, help you flesh it out.

Next Steps

As your idea comes to you, no matter how crazy it might sound, submit it at embark-church.org/outreachidea. We hope to have small outreach groups working on a sustained basis for all of our city within the next year. With the people of God working toward this, you will make it happen!


In Christ,


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