Our first steps in relocating

We have reached our first financial milestone in relocating Embark.  This now gives us bargaining power.  As a result, our first step is to get a clear, financial picture of what we can afford.  In determining that picture, we envision taking a loan.  Here is what we are doing: 1.  This week we began meeting […]

Starting the moving process

This Sunday we begin the process of moving Embark. It begins with participating in the “miracle offering.”   To financially participate now OR if you are unable to be there this Sunday, click the below button to go to our giving page.   

The next 3 Sundays: CRITICAL

 Why the next 3 Sunday’s are critical The next 3 Sunday’s are CRITICAL to relocating Embark and I ask that you make every effort to attend.  This Sunday, October 16, we begin talking about the financial commitment necessary for us to move.  We will not be able to move forward in securing a new location without […]

Relocating Embark

Here is what’s happening at Church September 18-October 30 On September 18 we will launch our capital campaign to begin raising the money necessary for relocating.  As you will see when you attend, this relocation will allow us to lay an even stronger foundation for spiritually growing people.  Here is what happening: September 18 – […]

Behind the Scenes Update

  There is a lot happening “behind the scenes” at Embark, all of which are designed to strengthen the foundation of our church. Here are some important updates: Laying a stronger foundation through relocation. Relocating Embark will take money, most of which will be raised through a capital campaign (for an explanation of what a capital […]

Relocation Process

Information About Our Relocation Process? Two weeks ago we had a series of information meetings and talked about the relocation process from our temporary location into a space of our own. As I stated then, this relocation will take time and money as well as beginning a “capital campaign.” Below is an update to keep you […]