Building Fund

On June 10, 2018, Crestview Baptist Church, located at 3600 Columbia Road, chose to transfer all of their property to Embark Church.

The story

Having partnered with Embark in the beginning in January 2018, on June 10th, the members of Crestview Baptist, a small congregation of 22 active members, voted to GIVE and TRANSFER all of their church property, without cost, to Embark.  This is ONLY something God could do and demonstrates that this property does not belong to any particular church but to the larger, greater Church that God has created.  Not only did the Crestview congregation do an incredible act of selfless service but continues to do so in that the majority of them have joined and become a part of Embark Church.

What your building fund contribution funds

Embark is in the process of renovating the 15,000 square foot facility in preparation for moving in late 2019.  If you are wondering where we are in the process, check out our status at our renovation update page. In 1.5 years we have already raised over $250,000.  We anticipate raising another $300,000, we take a loan for an estimated $400,000 and will need raise some more for a project estimated to be about $1.3 million. Check out our concept drawings and please know, YOUR CONTRIBUTION MATTERS!

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Building Fund as of August 11, 2019:


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